Boudoir Workshop for Photographers + Couture Boudoir®

Thanks to all the attendees and models/clients for participating in the Couture Boudoir workshops! Here are a few comments we received...

Hey Critsey!
I wanted to write and tell you how AWESOME the Couture Boudoir Workshop was! It was a wonderful experience to be a part of, and I am so glad that I was able to come and learn from you!
I really feel like you took the time to explain how you work, and explain special techniques that make you so successful in the Boudoir industry. I gained the most out of the posing and lighting aspect of the workshop. I really like how you explained why they were good and why they were bad poses, and how lighting was so important for boudoir.
I think you made all of us individually feel like we were special for being there, and you took the time to talk to us each on a one on one basis for any specific questions or business questions that we had.
I really want to thank you for being so helpful and generous with your information. You were such a pleasure to be around and learn from! I hope to be able to go to another workshop of yours soon!
Thanks Girl!
Jessica Barney (photographer)

I just want to sincerely thank you again for taking the time to share your knowledge and artistic vision. I have been to several workshops and I am not kidding when I say that this was the best I've been to so far. It seems that most workshops have people fighting over camera position and pushing each other out of the way to get "the shot". The fact that you moved things along so well made it so much better. I spoke to a couple of the other attendees about it and they agreed. Your personality and warmth as a person truly comes out and I think we were all lucky to see how a true professional works. I will tell as many people as I can about your workshop so they can know just how great of an experience it can be. Please thank Thomas for us, too. He was such a nice guy and such a great help. You guys seem to work so well together.
Kim Lynch (photographer)

Critsey, Your Workshop was outstanding, and--boudoir or not--was definitely one of the most organized and helpful workshops of any that I've been to.
April Turner (photographer)

Hi Critsey!
I had so much fun the other night!! I thought I would have been a little scared or uncomfortable... But thanks to you and and everyone else I wasn’t at all. Let me know when you want to do a shoot with just me and you. :)
I can’t wait to see the images!!!! I hope to talk to you soon!
Take care,
Amanda (model)

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you SO much for the
opportunity to model for you at the workshop. I told you then that I
had never modeled before, but you, Thomas, Debbie, and Joni made me
feel SO beautiful and relaxed that I felt like I could be in front of
ANYbody and be happy with my body. I feel like a brand new woman with a
stronger sense of myself than I've ever felt in my life. I will never be
able to express my gratitude to you for affording me this experience of
a lifetime. All my best to you, and if I can ever return the favor,
please don't hesitate to contact me.
Newly liberated,
Jennifer Murphy :-) (model)

It was fun. Critsey (and Thomas) is (are) knowledgeable and put information across in easy to understand ways.Critsey is a patient, knowledgeable instructor who works with the workshop students to help enhance their both their photography skills and businesses.
Seth Kaye (photographer)

I highly recommend Critsey's Boudoir workshop for anyone starting out in this field.
She was awesome with showing the poses, gave great marketing tips and was very
organized with sample presentation. I enjoyed every minute, and felt that she covered all you need to know to get started.
Patricia Doles (photographer)

This workshop was an absolute incredible learning experience both behind the camera and in front of it. Like many in the group, I had some reservations about pursuing B-pics professionally. After the workshop I had a new confidence in my ability to not only get the right shots at the right time, but run my own business profitably as well. I am so excited to consider myself a professional photographer networked with such great teachers and mentors. Thanks!
Steve Clem (photographer)

Check back soon for the London and MunichCouture Boudoir® Workshop announcements! Since NYC was so popular and we booked out with so many more inquiries we plan to hold another NYC Boudoir workshop this fall.